STEMM-DAC Conference 2013

Supporting Disabled Students in STEM, 28 February 2013, Kohn Centre, Royal Society

On the 28 February 2013 the STEM Disability Committee held a conference on ‘Supporting Disabled Students in STEM’ at the Royal Society.

Supporting Disabled Students in STEM brought together those working in academia to identify practical solutions to barriers faced by disabled students specifically studying for careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. Its aim was to promote good practice for university departments to achieve inclusive environments for disabled students, as well as staff.

During the day delegates examined the legal framework and institutional support for disabled students through a series of interactive workshop presentations on admissions, academic life, and communicating to disabled students in science education. Workshop discussions included presentations covering orientation and advice for prospective students, adjustments to labs, and barriers to field work, as well as assistive technologies, sign language for science, and mathematical equations for blind people.

Attendees were able to share expertise, learn about best practice and new technologies, and make connections with those working in a similar field.

The full programme and presentations are available to download here.

STEM-DC Conference Programme 25.02.2013 (1205KB)PDF file

  1. Denis Wright - Institutional Support for Disabled Students (227KB)PDF file
  2. Mark Hughes - Induction Video for Students with Asperger's Syndrome (1439KB)PDF file
  3. Chris Stonehouse - STEM-DC Presentation (143KB)PDF file
  4. Alistair Edwards - Reasonable Adjustments in Computer Science (318KB)PDF file
  5. Tim Hall - Disability and Fieldwork Presentation (538KB)PDF file
  6. Mick Healey - Reasonable Adjustments (203KB)PDF file
  7. Alasdair Thin - One-Click Learning (1115KB)PDF file
  8. Dr Audrey Cameron , Gary Quinn - Sign Language (1977KB)PDF file
  9. Emma Rowlett - Supporting Students with Visual Impairments to Access STEM Content  (407KB)PDF file
  10. Clare Trott - Neurodiversity in Science Education (1013KB)PDF file